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The Weigel & Associates family of manufacturers and distributors can provide just about any custom made part you require. Our 30 years in the industry provides us with the background to source the components, sub-assemblies or complex assemblies you might require while assuring quality, reliability and low cost.

Metal Fabrication

Cutting, bending and assembly processes. We can provide fabrication and stamping across a wide array of metals and will work with you to create or revise parts in an expedited manner. With several shops, we can work on small, medium and large scale projects or we can work to accommodate rush projects.


We offer many machining processes, both CNC and manual, for metals and plastics, such as turning, boring, drilling, milling, broaching, sawing, shaping, planing, reaming, and tapping. Our manufacturers offer machining on lathes, milling machines, drill presses, turning centers, routers and more. We offer machining of many plastics including Acetal, Acrylic, Fluoropolymer, Nylon, Phenolic, Polycarbonate, Polyethylene, Polyimide, Polypropylene, Polystyrene, PVC, UHMW Polyethylene.


We offer rubber molding & plastic injection molding. Our capabilities for rubber include 50 ton thru 200 ton molding presses; roll grinding 4 inches outside diameter by 18 inches long; and a complete tool and mold shop. We can offer up to a 550 ton press for plastic injection molding including tooling and mold making. We have provided rubber molded mechanical and hydraulic seals, rubber rolls, metal plates with rubber seals molded thereto, insert molding, electric cable seals, custom plastic parts, micro plastic parts and more.

Custom Gears

We offer the finest quality custom-made gearing. Capabilities for external & helical capacity from ¼” to 48” in diameter. External Splined shafts and gears can be made to a 56” length. 1.5 D.P. to 125 D.P. We have experience with internal gears, worm & worm gears, gear shaving to 12” diameter, key seating, internal keyway & spline broaching, surface grinding and more.

Springs & Wireforms

We offer custom compression, torsion and extension springs plus wire forms. Our spring parameters include multiple diameters from .007” to .375” with tolerance up to +/- .001”. Materials include high carbon steel, stainless, alloy steel and copper alloys. Our markets include automotive, cameras, hardware, medical, optical and more. Our production volumes range from a few prototypes to millions of units.

International Sourcing

Some organizations are in need of large volumes at reduced individual costs. After a thorough search for a high quality International Sourcing partner, we are pleased to have AECA as a principle. We have worked with AECA since 2005 specializing in large volume manufacturing. Products include plastic injection molding, sub-assemblies, OEM Machined parts, stamping, die casting, rubber molds, shafts, aluminum and brass machined parts and precision machined parts made from stainless steel.


Turn to us for the highest quality metal finishing in the Cincinnati area. We specialize in nickel and hard chrome plating, as well as electroless nickel coating services. We offer aluminum oxide grit blasting, polishing, grinding, and baking for hydrogen stress relief. Typical parts include Rolls, Shafts, Cylinders, Tubes, Dyes, Molds, Packaging Machinery Parts. We work with Steel, Stainless, Cast Iron, Bronze, Brass, Corrosion-Resistant Coating.

Fasteners & Hardware

We have developed expertise to cost effectively meet your hardware and inventory management needs. With a wide array of stocking programs and order options available, we can serve numerous key business areas. We would like to meet your unique inventory requirements whether you need it by consignment, just in time, or perpetual stock. We offer abrasives, anchors, bolts, cap screws, cutting tools, hardware, screws, nuts, pins, keys, plugs, rings, rivets, set screws, studs, tapping screws, threaded inserts, washers, wood screws and materials.

Reverse Engineering

Do you have problems sourcing repair parts? Long lead times? High prices? Down time? We have the ability to replicate your part using our reverse engineering team and group of fine manufacturers. Let us engineer, document and manufacture your part so it will be readily available at a cost you desire. Your knowledge and our expertise can provide a part that meets or exceeds the functionality originally intended.

Metal Stamping

Our mix of traditional fabricating experience and advanced technology means we provide one of the longest lists of capabilities in the industry. Our punch presses have capacities ranging from 45 to 400 tons. We are equipped with 60- to 250-ton hydraulic press brakes and power shears. We work with both hand – and coil-feeds, allowing us to choose the most efficient and cost-effective alternatives for your part run.