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Increased Expansion and Process Improvement at Clow Stamping!

Clow Stamping Co. is thrilled to announce that they have broken ground on a new 107,000 square foot building expansion project!

This groundbreaking endeavor opens up an incredible world of opportunity for Clow Stamping.

This state-of-the-art facility will not only provide Clow with increased capacity to serve our clients better, but it will also pave the way for innovation and excellence in our industry. Clow is committed to delivering exceptional products and services, and this expansion reinforces their dedication to meeting the evolving needs of our customers.

This project will directly benefit the Brainerd lakes area community by creating jobs and stimulating economic growth. By expanding their team, Clow will be able to tap into the incredible talent pool in this region and work together to achieve remarkable milestones.

This expansion follows the addition in automating large portions of their raw material and blanking areas over the last year including a new 8000W fiber laser and more automated blanking presses.

Clow would like to express their sincere gratitude to our dedicated employees, valued clients, and the supportive local community for their unwavering trust and belief in the company’s vision. This groundbreaking moment wouldn’t be possible without their invaluable contributions.

Recently Clow was also awarded the “Supplier Excellence Award” by Kubota. This expansion is continued validation of the quality partner Clow can be for you and our existing partners!

Stay tuned for more updates as we progress towards the completion of this terrific expansion.

Component Volume Management Solutions

If you are experience order or inventory limits, work with Weigel & Associates to find out ways to manage your inventory via our warehousing and volume management solutions!

W&A along with a local partner can work with you on blanket orders and part releases from their warehouse in Cincinnati. Can you only take 500 or 1000 pieces at a time but need 10,000 EAU pricing for your scale of business? We can help!

We work with our list of principals as well as other partners to help with your needs? We can even help fulfill orders with providers who might not have existing terms or approvals with your business. Need to order an obsolete item that you see on EBay? Let us help!

Contact our team today and we can discuss any custom parts that you might need on a blanket, scheduled release, international sourcing warehousing and more.

International Supply Chain Interrupted?

Has your supply chain been interrupted? Do you need to turn to a domestic or local source? Work with our local network of principals to fulfill your manufacturing needs. We offer General Machining, Metal Fabricating, Metal Stampings, Plastic & Rubber Molding, Plastic Machining, Gear Cutting, Four & Multi-Slide capabilities and more!

Machining & Gearing:

  • Newact Inc. located in Batavia, OH, specializes in the machining of all plastics, high tolerance aluminum, and the designing and manufacturing of rubber molded products. With their routing, turning and milling machines, Newact will provide high-grade custom parts for a variety of industries. Let them machine your parts up to a 10ft x 5ft range. Newact also offers rubber molding capabilities.
  • E & S Precision Inc. is a Precision CNC Job Shop with Production Machining Capabilities. Based in Cleves, OH, E & S can help provide your company with high quality machined parts on their CNC or manual machines.
  • Accurate Gear Mfg.Co. in Cincinnati, OH, makes custom gear products for the demanding needs of today’s industry. Specializing in custom made gears, spline shafts, and custom parts, Accurate Gear can produce quantities from 1 to 10,000. Let them manufacture from your blueprints or reverse engineer from your single part. Accurate Gear offers general machining capabilities specializing in turning & milling.

Metal Stampings:

  • Clow Stamping Co. is uniquely qualified to provide significant cost reduction on metal components that have traditionally been manufactured in Laser or CNC Turret operations. Short-run stamping offers significant cost savings to companies with in-house metal fabrication. Tooling and piece part costs are kept to a minimum through the use of common holders, forming tools and a process that yields significantly more pieces per hour.
  • K&H Industries located in Cincinnati, OH, has served a diverse range of industries including healthcare, transportation, electronics, and construction. Our in house complete die capabilities range from simple hand fed dies to highly complex progressive dies. Regardless of your tooling needs, K&H Industries can meet them. Our team can provide design and engineering assistance for all stages from concept and prototyping to final production.

Laser Cutting & Fabrication:

  • Deltec Inc. in Clermont County, OH, has established a reputation among equipment manufacturers as the premier partner for precision component parts manufacturing. They are specialists in stainless steel and mild steel parts manufacturing. Deltec hopes to be your single, reliable source for high-quality parts across lot runs, through our comprehensive in-house capabilities.

Plastic & Rubber Molding

  • Liberty Plastics in Bellevue, KY, has fifteen (15) Injection Molding Machines ranging from 75 Ton to 550 Ton for all your molding needs, short and long-run production. To build new molds or to maintain your existing tooling, Liberty offers a Surf Cam Cad System and 5 CNC Mills. Liberty also can handle secondary machining on plastic parts, assembly, heat staking, and packaging.
  • With Newact Inc., you will experience a high level of responsiveness and reliability on quotes, quality, and delivery. We can help identify the right molding rubber compounds and plastics for your parts. With our in house rubber molding experts, we can design the perfect mold to fit your quantity and price needs. Large or small runs, lower part cost target or varying needs, we will work to find the right solution to fit your company.

Check out our other manufacturing capabilities HERE. We also offer springs & wire forms, fasteners, plating, engineering, and direct parts marking.

Call us at the office at 513-438-8600! We can also be reached at 513-259-4706 and 513-259-4707.


W&A Adds Progressive Stamping and Multi-Slide Capabilities with K&H Industries

Weigel & Associates is proud to announce the addition of progressive stamping, four-slide and multi-slide capabilities with new principal K&H Industries. Helmed by the Sharkey family, K&H Industries located in Cincinnati, OH, has served a diverse range of industries including healthcare, transportation, electronics and construction.

Over their 110 year history, K&H Industries has developed integral relationships with many of our customers. The Sharkey family pride themselves on the level of support they provide our customers. Whether it is in the conceptual design of a component, prototyping or engineering assistance, K&H is always ready and willing to lend a hand and will use their expertise to your advantage.

An ISO 9001:2015 company, K&H offers a quality process to ensure parts arrive within tolerance and on time. They offer a wide array of custom stamping solutions to go with their in-house tooling and die-building capabilities. Regardless of your tooling needs, K&H Industries will work to meet them. Our team can provide design and engineering assistance for all stages from concept and prototyping to final production.

K&H Industries can offer stamping through progressive and compound dies along with deep-draw capabilities up to 4 inches. Whether it is quantity 10 or 1,000,000 the team at K&H will work to provide customers with solutions to fit their requirements.

To go along with their custom parts capabilities, K&H Industries offers their own line of terminal lugs and connectors. Wherever you find critical electrical connections up to 70 amp., you are likely to find K&H solderless connectors. K&H solderless connectors have been available since 1937 and are still used today!

We are very excited to partner with another quality manufacturer to expand our abilities to serve our customers. Make sure to call us at (513) 438-8600 today to explore progressive stampings with Weigel & Associates and K&H Industries.

Deltec Inc. Adds Third Building & Announces Leadership Team

Weigel & Associates would like to congratulate the team at Deltec Inc. for implementing changes to strengthen their long history of providing top-notch quality and service to you the customer. Now in it’s third generation of ownership under President Jason Dugle, Deltec is continuing to evolve from the legacies of Jason’s father and grandfather.

Specializing in prototype to production metal fabrication, Deltec has additional expertise in computer-driven manufacturing and enterprise resource processes to meet today’s manufacturing needs. Realizing the need for successful growth, Deltec has identified the means to formalize practices and processes, progress toward facility expansion, and to implement strong leadership that can be applied to new products and new facilities.

Deltec has recently announced their recent investment in a third property and building adjacent to their current property in Clermont County. This facility house additional equipment, allow for increased customer service efficiency, and provide more warehousing capacity.

In order to better serve you and your unique manufacturing needs, Jason Dugle has also announced changes to the Deltec Leadership Team -

Russell Ivey, General Manager
In the twenty-one years since Russ joined Deltec, he has been vital to our engineering team; starting in layout engineering, serving as the department lead, and working as an integral part of our support staff. As GM, his goals include continual improvement and widening our manufacturing expertise to further enrich our customer experience. 

Steve Noel, Controller
Steve takes pride in his ability to understand each customer’s needs. Whether considering customer requirements for raw materials, sub-contracted services, or quality standards, he has developed many customer-focused systems since his hire in 1994. During his years at Deltec, Steve’s responsibilities have allowed him to hone his exemplary customer service skills. 

Kimberly McElfresh, Operations Manager
Since her hire in 2006, Kim has worked tirelessly promoting our positive company culture and documenting our systematic approach of completing comprehensive manufacturing processes.  Today, Kim’s role consists of defining job assignments, quote preparation and scheduling, and customer fulfillment and service. Each day consists of detail, detail and more detail! Kim’s leadership includes continued professional development as she nears completion of her BSBM business degree. 

Christopher Swofford, Sales and Marketing Manager
After being hired for outside sales in 2004, Chris has continually cultivated new accounts and provided increased opportunities for Deltec. Currently, Chris keeps our sales in the lead by focusing on customer development and providing company promotions and customer incentives. 

We are grateful to have such talented and experienced individuals join forces to pave the way for changes that will build upon Deltec’s 45 years of stellar customer service and maintaining expertise in metal fabrication. Their main business goal is to be your manufacturing partner and we are dedicated to earning your trust and confidence. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve your needs. We look forward to building new relationships.