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W&A Adds Progressive Stamping and Multi-Slide Capabilities with K&H Industries

Weigel & Associates is proud to announce the addition of progressive stamping, four-slide and multi-slide capabilities with new principal K&H Industries. Helmed by the Sharkey family, K&H Industries located in Cincinnati, OH, has served a diverse range of industries including healthcare, transportation, electronics and construction.

Over their 110 year history, K&H Industries has developed integral relationships with many of our customers. The Sharkey family pride themselves on the level of support they provide our customers. Whether it is in the conceptual design of a component, prototyping or engineering assistance, K&H is always ready and willing to lend a hand and will use their expertise to your advantage.

An ISO 9001:2015 company, K&H offers a quality process to ensure parts arrive within tolerance and on time. They offer a wide array of custom stamping solutions to go with their in-house tooling and die-building capabilities. Regardless of your tooling needs, K&H Industries will work to meet them. Our team can provide design and engineering assistance for all stages from concept and prototyping to final production.

K&H Industries can offer stamping through progressive and compound dies along with deep-draw capabilities up to 4 inches. Whether it is quantity 10 or 1,000,000 the team at K&H will work to provide customers with solutions to fit their requirements.

To go along with their custom parts capabilities, K&H Industries offers their own line of terminal lugs and connectors. Wherever you find critical electrical connections up to 70 amp., you are likely to find K&H solderless connectors. K&H solderless connectors have been available since 1937 and are still used today!

We are very excited to partner with another quality manufacturer to expand our abilities to serve our customers. Make sure to call us at (513) 438-8600 today to explore progressive stampings with Weigel & Associates and K&H Industries.

Deltec Inc. Adds Third Building & Announces Leadership Team

Weigel & Associates would like to congratulate the team at Deltec Inc. for implementing changes to strengthen their long history of providing top-notch quality and service to you the customer. Now in it’s third generation of ownership under President Jason Dugle, Deltec is continuing to evolve from the legacies of Jason’s father and grandfather.

Specializing in prototype to production metal fabrication, Deltec has additional expertise in computer-driven manufacturing and enterprise resource processes to meet today’s manufacturing needs. Realizing the need for successful growth, Deltec has identified the means to formalize practices and processes, progress toward facility expansion, and to implement strong leadership that can be applied to new products and new facilities.

Deltec has recently announced their recent investment in a third property and building adjacent to their current property in Clermont County. This facility house additional equipment, allow for increased customer service efficiency, and provide more warehousing capacity.

In order to better serve you and your unique manufacturing needs, Jason Dugle has also announced changes to the Deltec Leadership Team -

Russell Ivey, General Manager
In the twenty-one years since Russ joined Deltec, he has been vital to our engineering team; starting in layout engineering, serving as the department lead, and working as an integral part of our support staff. As GM, his goals include continual improvement and widening our manufacturing expertise to further enrich our customer experience. 

Steve Noel, Controller
Steve takes pride in his ability to understand each customer’s needs. Whether considering customer requirements for raw materials, sub-contracted services, or quality standards, he has developed many customer-focused systems since his hire in 1994. During his years at Deltec, Steve’s responsibilities have allowed him to hone his exemplary customer service skills. 

Kimberly McElfresh, Operations Manager
Since her hire in 2006, Kim has worked tirelessly promoting our positive company culture and documenting our systematic approach of completing comprehensive manufacturing processes.  Today, Kim’s role consists of defining job assignments, quote preparation and scheduling, and customer fulfillment and service. Each day consists of detail, detail and more detail! Kim’s leadership includes continued professional development as she nears completion of her BSBM business degree. 

Christopher Swofford, Sales and Marketing Manager
After being hired for outside sales in 2004, Chris has continually cultivated new accounts and provided increased opportunities for Deltec. Currently, Chris keeps our sales in the lead by focusing on customer development and providing company promotions and customer incentives. 

We are grateful to have such talented and experienced individuals join forces to pave the way for changes that will build upon Deltec’s 45 years of stellar customer service and maintaining expertise in metal fabrication. Their main business goal is to be your manufacturing partner and we are dedicated to earning your trust and confidence. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve your needs. We look forward to building new relationships.


Weigel & Assoc. Recognized as MANA Member in Good Standing


Weigel & Associates is about to enter Year 20 of MANA membership and was recently awarded as a Member in Good Standing!

As a member in good standing, W&A have made a commitment to continuous improvement and use MANA’s member-only educational resources and Agency Sales magazine to make our agency better every year. As a MANA member, we are able to use member resources to best serve our customers and principals.

We are proud to be a member of the world’s most prestigious representative association. MANA representative members are an elite, highly professional group that gives back to the representative profession through membership in the association that is dedicated to advancing the professionalism and utilization of independent manufacturers’ representatives.

For more information about our MANA membership, please check out our member page.

Supply Chain & Lean Manufacturing

Do you feel that you don’t have enough time to effectively source new parts or have too many vendors? Do you need to limit the number of contacts that you must deal with on a sourcing basis? Do you sometimes need parts just-in-time or do you need to keep stock at lower levels?

Let Weigel & Associates help in simplifying your supply chain. The product consultants at Weigel & Associates can work with you to efficiently source and manage your projects. With their large group of manufacturing principals, Weigel can identify the easiest and sometimes most cost effective manufacturing processes. We can work with you to identify parts that we can make faster, better or cheaper.

We can work with you on packaging kits, source assemblies, limit manufacturing processes and more. Our premier line of manufacturers work with all varieties of customers, purchasing situations and process requirements to usher a new project all the way to the finish line.

Make sure to call us today at 513-662-8115 to schedule an appointment or to speak with one of our staff about simplifying your supply chain and purchase process.

Happy New Year

We at Weigel & Associates wish you a Happy and Successful 2016.

2015 was a great year for our team as we celebrated our 16th year in business. We are thankful for our Principal Manufacturer’s such as Newact, Accurate Gear, and Liberty Plastics that have been with is from the beginning and longtime associates in Custom Tooling and Mercer Supply. We have added new lines in the last couple of years such as Deltec, Clow Stamping, AECA, and Marni Spring that have been great additions to the team.

Since Brad Sr. founded the company one thing has always remained consistent and that is we strive to provide the highest level of service and expertise in our industry. We promise to treat your issues as our own and work together to provide a solution that meets our customer’s needs.
2016 promises to be another great year in our history and we look forward to serve you and your company and make it the best yet.
Happy New Year from Brad Sr., Lauren, Bryan, and Brad Jr.