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Clow Stamping

Company Description


The Clow Stamping Company is your experienced manufacturer of small to medium quantity metal stampings. Their ability to produce in house tooling allows our customers to contain costs while providing high quality parts to surpass your expectations.

Each customer will receive a dedicated order processing and customer service staff in order to complete your project on time and at budget.

The dedication to quality is evident in their certification from the Bureau Veritas Certification.

Today, the Clow Stamping Company continues to operate with a singular dedication to its customers and employees. Clow believes in traditional values to drive success: ethical behavior, respect for people, pride in craftsmanship, and cutting-edge technology.


Clow Stamping began in 1970 as a family business and has grown to become an industry leader, maintaining some of the best available technology, equipment, and people. Clow has flourished through the years because they work with customers to provide practical solutions to challenges, whether they are in design, manufacturing, or shipping.

To keep pace with the expectations of our customers, their facility in central Minnesota has expanded to over 250,000 square feet and houses a large and diverse offering of equipment. In the years to come, Clow will continue to provide stamping and fabricating of metal components for original equipment manufacturers. They will do it the Clow family way: through hard work, honesty, and innovation.

The Weigel Advantage:

With a wide variety of capabilities including Bending, Stamping, Finishing, Laser Cutting and more, Weigel can help identify parts and projects that Clow Stamping can complete from beginning to end. The goal is to create a life-long relationship to help your company save time and resources to complete your tasks.

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