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W&A Adds Progressive Stamping and Multi-Slide Capabilities with K&H Industries

W&A Adds Progressive Stamping and Multi-Slide Capabilities with K&H Industries

Weigel & Associates is proud to announce the addition of progressive stamping, four-slide and multi-slide capabilities with new principal K&H Industries. Helmed by the Sharkey family, K&H Industries located in Cincinnati, OH, has served a diverse range of industries including healthcare, transportation, electronics and construction.

Over their 110 year history, K&H Industries has developed integral relationships with many of our customers. The Sharkey family pride themselves on the level of support they provide our customers. Whether it is in the conceptual design of a component, prototyping or engineering assistance, K&H is always ready and willing to lend a hand and will use their expertise to your advantage.

An ISO 9001:2015 company, K&H offers a quality process to ensure parts arrive within tolerance and on time. They offer a wide array of custom stamping solutions to go with their in-house tooling and die-building capabilities. Regardless of your tooling needs, K&H Industries will work to meet them. Our team can provide design and engineering assistance for all stages from concept and prototyping to final production.

K&H Industries can offer stamping through progressive and compound dies along with deep-draw capabilities up to 4 inches. Whether it is quantity 10 or 1,000,000 the team at K&H will work to provide customers with solutions to fit their requirements.

To go along with their custom parts capabilities, K&H Industries offers their own line of terminal lugs and connectors. Wherever you find critical electrical connections up to 70 amp., you are likely to find K&H solderless connectors. K&H solderless connectors have been available since 1937 and are still used today!

We are very excited to partner with another quality manufacturer to expand our abilities to serve our customers. Make sure to call us at (513) 438-8600 today to explore progressive stampings with Weigel & Associates and K&H Industries.


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