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Company Description:

Jack Chuang – Owner

Asia Engineered Components and Assembly Co.was established in 1993. AECA offers casting, forging & stamping with High-Precision Machining (3 & 4 axis CNC Turning/Milling) & molding Plastics (100 - 600 tons). They also feature in-house designers and engineers with over 10 years top class experience in OEM / ODM projecting.

We always provide our customers with punctual delivery, top quality production and reasonable prices.

Molding Machine Examples:
Horizontal Injection Machines 120-300 Ton
Vertical Injection Machine 55 Ton

Machine Shop Machines:
12 Small to Large size CNC Horizontal Turning Lathes
12 Small to Large size Vertical Machine Centers
9 CNC Lathes Swiss Type
Drilling Machines
3-15 HP Milling Machines
Welding Machines

The Weigel Advantage:
Let us determine if our international sourcing partner will be right for you. We can help you buy bulk and lower your cost while maintaining high quality. Inventorying with scheduled release programs are also available.


  • CNC Parts from Bar Materials
  • Sand Casted CNC Parts
  • Investment Casting with Machining
  • Die Casting
  • Small to large size Injection Molding
  • Sub assemblies

Quality Process

  • First Article Sample
  • Evaluation – Pass, Fail (Back to step 1)
  • Set-up Inspection Criteria (Quality Control)
  • Mass Production
  • In-process control
  • Outgoing Quality Assurance
  • Approval/Fail (Back to In-process Control)
  • Shipping

Industries Served:

  • The Conveyor and Packaging Industry
  • Pump Industry
  • Furniture Industry
  • Lawn and Garden Equipment
  • Towing & Recovery Industry
  • OEM & More