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Supply Chain & Lean Manufacturing

Supply Chain & Lean Manufacturing

Do you feel that you don’t have enough time to effectively source new parts or have too many vendors? Do you need to limit the number of contacts that you must deal with on a sourcing basis? Do you sometimes need parts just-in-time or do you need to keep stock at lower levels?

Let Weigel & Associates help in simplifying your supply chain. The product consultants at Weigel & Associates can work with you to efficiently source and manage your projects. With their large group of manufacturing principals, Weigel can identify the easiest and sometimes most cost effective manufacturing processes. We can work with you to identify parts that we can make faster, better or cheaper.

We can work with you on packaging kits, source assemblies, limit manufacturing processes and more. Our premier line of manufacturers work with all varieties of customers, purchasing situations and process requirements to usher a new project all the way to the finish line.

Make sure to call us today at 513-662-8115 to schedule an appointment or to speak with one of our staff about simplifying your supply chain and purchase process.


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